Meet the Barbers

Meet Joe "LJ" Teachworth


St. Paul native Lance “Joe” Teachworth is the owner of our local barbershop. His passion for the local community is what has made the barbershop such a special place. Joe is a licensed yoga instructor and lives a very healthy lifestyle, and he enjoys keeping fit and staying active with his friends and family.
Joe is also a Renaissance man. Visitors to the shop will notice some artwork inspired by his many visits to Burning Man festivals. His passion for local art and music also shows. Joe enjoys playing guitar from many styles, particularly flamenco music. He has also performed aerial arts with his girlfriend.

Joe is a proud father and dog lover. He has a huge heart, and he enjoys traveling, playing sports, and exploring our St. Paul community with his kid and dog.

Joe’s Professional History & Education

  • Opened Groveland Barber Shop in 2004
  • Worked with St. Paul Barbers at Dick’s Sports Barbers & Schmitdy’s Sports Barbers
  • Graduated from Cretin High School in 1987
  • Graduated from Minnesota School of Barbering in 1992
  • Graduated from the University of Montana in 1999 with a degree in Spanish
  • Certified Yoga Instructor from the Institutes of Yoga LexGillan in 2012

Joe’s Volunteer Work

If you ask Joe if he is involved with the community, his answer will be no because he is so humble, and he is always looking to do more. Since Joe opened up shop in 2004, he has graciously donated products and services to local schools, fairs, festivals, non-profit groups, and charitable organizations.

He also provides haircuts to individuals in need, such as elders in nursing homes, homeless people, and displaced workers seeking employment. Joe loves his community and actively supports schools and organizations in the Highland, Macalaster-Groveland, Merriam Park, West 7th, Summit University, and Summit Hill Neighborhoods of St. Paul, Minnesota.